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SADDLEMEN 0810-Y129 TRACK LS  GEL SEAT FZ09 MT09 14-18 0810-1623


If you’re ready to upgrade your stock seat to something that can make your bike as comfortable as it is stylish then its time for the Saddlemen Tech Sportbike seat. This refined, unique design offers legendary long-distance comfort and control. You simply won’t find a better fusion of technology, materials, and design than the Tech.

Saddlemen’s line of Sportbike Seats are designed specifically for the rider that needs a seat that can do everything—canyon carving, track days, or commuting. These stylish seats feature Saddlemen’s Gel-Core Technology which is engineered to dampen, divert and deflect energy from the road. This technique utilizes the latest co-molding technology - a unique process of combining comfort foam, progressive density foam, and SaddleGEL into a singular molded component. This proprietary process has been shown to reduce engine vibration by up to 50% and direct road impacts by up to 92% allowing you to ride further and more comfortably then you could with a traditional foam seat.

Scientifically engineered AND proven to increase the amount of time you’re able to spend on your motorcycle. The SaddleGel also can conform to all body shapes, sizes and contours to reduce pressure points and eliminate those dreaded hot spots.

All of this seating technology is neatly wrapped in G-Tech memory foam and Saddlehyde™ insuring your new saddle is as stylish as it is comfortable.

Easy to install, bolts to your bike just like the stock seat and proudly Made in the USA.