Rekluse RMS-8901102 RadiusCX 4.0 auto clutch kit 21-24 CRF450R CRF450Rx

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Rekluse RMS-8901102 RadiusCX 4.0 auto clutch kit 21-24 CRF450R CRF450Rx


Rekluse Radius CX 4.0 Clutch Kit Honda CRF450R / RX / RWE 

Redefining the off-road clutch game yet again, Rekluse has stepped it up with some game changing improvements to their 3.0 EXP auto-clutch system. This kit takes all of the awesomeness from the previous generation Radius CX and adds the next-generation 4.0 EXP auto-clutch for improved torque, smoothness and longevity. Using the same friction material pattern as the TorqDrive clutch plates, the EXP 4.0 matches oil-flow characteristics of the drive plates underneath which improves cooling and allows for consistent operation. 

The core component of Rekluse's famous auto clutch is the wedges, that move outwards under centrifugal lode and engage the clutch pack - the 4.0 design incorporates bearing-style roller pins that roll as the wedges move outward, providing a smoother engagement and less friction - which means less heat, and better overall clutch performance.

If you haven't ridden with a Rekluse yet, prepare for a world without stalling, smoother power delivery and an extreme level of confidence. 


  • EXP 4.0 auto clutch
  • Prevents engine stalls
  • Improved friction material over EXP 3.0 with TorqDrive design
  • Smoother engagement via rolling expansion wedges
  • Increased power transfer over OEM manual clutch
  • Includes TorqDrive clutch pack technology
  • Fully tunable to suit rider and/or terrain
  • Proprietary billet components offer superior durability
  • TorqDrive clutch pack provides longer clutch life with less adjustment over time
  • Cooler operating temperatures and incredibly efficient clutching provide extended clutch life
  • Optimized pressure plate design provides excellent lever feel with consistent control and behavior
  • Standard clutch function remains with full auto override
  • Made in the USA


  • EXP 4.0 auto clutch disc
  • Billet aluminum inner hub
  • Billet aluminum pressure plate
  • Adjustable slave cylinder (for hydraulic clutch models)
  • TorqDrive friction discs
  • Steel basket sleeves
  • Required hardware
  • Clutch cover

Note: Images are for reference only, actual kit will vary per make and model.

Made in the USA