ULTRACOOL SMT8-1G Gloss Black Oil Cooler Kit m8 touring fl

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ULTRACOOL SMT8-1G Gloss Black Oil Cooler Kit m8 touring fl

Ultracool Chrome Oil Cooler Kit 
  • Sealed waterproof IP68 fans produce 220 CFM of airflow
  • Oil Adapter and Thermal Switch automatically turns on the dual fans when your oil reaches 210°F
  • Specially designed aluminum heat exchanger with turbulators for maximum heat dissipation
  • Plug-and-play wiring harness with relay and waterproof connectors that all connects to the battery under the seat for simple installation
  • Black nylon coated stainless steel braided oil lines with AN6 fittings
  • Optional L.E.D. indicator light indicates when the fans are operating. (toggle or clamp handlebar LED mounts sold separately)
  • Specially designed oil line fitting wrench
  • Has the ability to drop your oil temperature up to 50°F
  • Complete kit; ready to install



1. Will not fit with water cooled heads.
2. May not fit with engine guard
3. May cause damage on lowered or modified suspension
4. Will not fit with ABS mounted in the front down tubes

Included Items:

(1) Chrome steel oil cooler assembly

(1) Complete oil adapter with wire

(1) 11-1/2" Black braided oil hose

(1) 9" Black braided oil hose

(2) Chrome aluminum clamps

(1) Wire harness with relay, (1) 7.5 amp in-line fuse, (2) ring terminals & (1) 2-pin male connector

(1) Quick splice connector

(1) Wiring harness W/(3) 2-pin female connectors & (1) 2-pin male connector

(1) Jump tester

(1) Fitting wrench

(1) Tube thread locker

(6) Black cable ties

(1) Indicator light assembly

(1) Threaded adapter

(1) 2-Pin female connector

(1) Male spade connector

(1) Female spade connector

(1) 1 pin male adapter


Mfg #: SMT8-1C
Part #: 4903686
Type Oil Cooler
Units Each
Weight 6.65 lbs
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